How Do You Get Your Sales People to Use CRM Software?

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Customer Relationship Management Software allows your marketing and sales departments to reach out to prospects, develop relationships, and turn them into loyal customers.  Many salespeople may be reluctant to use a CRM system.  Instead of selling them with product stats, you need to show them how a CRMS will enable them to increase productivity.

CRM solutions offer sales the opportunity to locate prospect information instantly and make notes of a meeting or call they had.  By integrating their tasks with the CRM system, you can push salespeople to take advantage of the tools offered by a CRMS.  For example, in order to keep track of suspects, prospects, and leads you want to make sure they are accounted for in the customer relationship management system.  Show them how these numbers are important to keep track of, where they are in the sales cycle, and which accounts need extra work.

If you are about to implement a CRM solution into your business, make sure part of the process includes changing the steps your sales team takes in order to input information about a new account.  Your business has to revolve around how they use the system and CRM needs to be part of their daily process.

Customer relations are important to your sales team allowing them to bring in prospects and customers.  Make sure that they understand how the customer relationship management software will help them get that sale. Most importantly, make sure that their interactions are tracked in the CRM system you implement in order for them to get credit for the account and for you to be aware of what they have accomplished.

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by MIG & Co., New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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