Data Importing Made Easy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Almost every CRM Consulting engagement includes some level of data conversion for our customers.  Most have existing data that needs to be brought into their new CRM; others have ongoing data import needs from the trade shows that they attend throughout the year.

One of the welcome new features in CRM 2011 comes from the Data Import Wizard.  The new wizard can help you cut out wasted hours of tedious work prepping to import data into CRM and allow to you complete data importing on your own time, rather than needing consulting help.

The initial phases of the Data Import Wizard appear to be very similar to prior versions, as choosing your data source and data settings hasn’t changed much.  As you move through the wizard, you’ll see two key changes that will take a lot of frustration out of data imports – Data Mapping Identification and Field Mapping.

  1. The first area you will notice a difference is when you select a data map.  Along with pre-built data maps created by the organization, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now features data maps that will assist imports coming from other CRM products (Salesforce and Business Contact Manager).  Once you have selected a data map, your source and destination fields will automatically match up.   If you’re importing other information that is not from one of these products, choosing Default will allow you to do the mapping yourself.CRM 2011 Data Map Screen
  2. The second feature to help out with the import process is the new Map Fields section.  The changes here help you on multiple levels.  First, rather than being forced to determine CRM column heading names and modify your data source to use these proper column headings before starting the import wizard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows you to do the mapping during the import process.  You simply pick the column from your data source and then match that up with a field on the CRM record.CRM 2011 Data Wizard - Field Mapping

A second change in the Field Mappings helps match up values in Option Sets.  If you are attempting to input information into an Option Set, the Wizard will read all the different options that you have listed and allow you to match them up with the Option Set choices.  This feature helps cut down on errors during the import and doesn’t force you to sift through every record to ensure the spelling is correct.  As with previous versions, CRM 2011 allows you to save this newly created custom mapping for future data import usage.

These changes may seem simple, but they represent the types of features that were added in CRM 2011 to make the product more user friendly and to allow every single user to be more productive through his/her own efforts.

If you have any questions about the new data import wizard, please give us a call.  As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner we have helped over 100 customers successfully implement CRM and CRM enhancements for their organizations.   You can read about their CRM customer success stories on our website.

By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions



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  1. Hi,
    Could you please let me know how to import modified by, modified on, and created by fields in Accounts? It is very crucial for us to have these information.I added those fields to my excel file but could not map these fields as it does not show them in the field list when mapping.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

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