Customer Effective: FinServ; Liberating Users from Oracle Siebel CRM with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In 2003, Siebel CRM was the clear market leader, with 45% CRM market share. 2003 was also the year Microsoft launched Dynamics CRM. The Microsoft Corporation was a Siebel user at that time.

Aside from the obvious best-practice of ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’, the Microsofties were tired of a system that was difficult to use, would loose data, had low user adoption, and generally made people mad. Since switching to Dynamics CRM, Microsoft claims a $10 million annual cost reduction and a $80 million total sales productivity increase. User adoption was an astounding 90% in the first 30 days. These are not insignificant amounts. Much of that savings came from the elimination of what many feel are exorbitant maintenance fees.

As Oracle aggressively pushes Siebel users to Fusion CRM, now is a great time to consider a switch. Microsoft is offering up to $150 per user to switch (offer ends March 31, 2012).

A decade ago, one of Seibel’s original selling points was their entrenchment in certain verticals, including financial services. Microsoft countered by building out their partner ecosystem and allowing them to focus and specialize in the areas they were successful in. At Customer Effective, that has been Financial Services. Our suite of purpose-built CRM solutions is called Customer Effective: FinServ and encompasses insurance, capital markets, and banking.

Below is a comparison of Siebel features and costs and Customer Effective: FinServ built on Microsoft CRM. (source: Siebel Commercial Price List, October 2011). Note: these are application user and server licenses at list prices.

CRM for Financial Services Comparison

Feature Siebel CE: FinServ/MSCRM
Outlook Integration $300 Included
Exchange Sync $120 Included
Lead Management $700 Included
Territory Mgt. $575 Included
Mobile $575 (Sales Asst.) Included (Mobile Express)
Campaign Management $2,530 Included
Call Reports $120 Included, CE: FinServ
Investment Banking $200 Included, CE: Investment Bank
Wealth Management. $300 Included, CE: Wealth Management
Group Health Plans $300 Included, CE: Health Plans
Personal Lines Policies $300 Included, CE: P&C Insurance
Personal Lines Claims $230 Included, CE: P&C Insurance

Microsoft CRM Online is $44 per user per month. Microsoft is currently offering up to $150 per user to switch from Siebel and Oracle. Customer Effective: FinServ is a product that is available as part of Customer Effective’s CRM services. If you are interested in making the switch, please contact us at

Post by: Brad Koontz, Customer Effective, Florida,Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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