4 Ways CRM Software Can Help Your Small Businesses

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When you run a small business, every penny counts; and perhaps you feel you cannot afford the powerful business tools that larger companies can. As a result, you may not have even considered using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software. But there are several reasons why it would benefit your business:

1. Electronic records - Do you have a file cabinet filled with customer and transaction records? Even if you have computerized your records, you might have them in five different systems that do not work together. CRM software can help you reduce paperwork and redundancy by automating a lot of your regular business processes.

2. Contact Management - Your contacts should be more than just a list. They are real people you interact with and hopefully do business with on a regular basis. CRM software can help you keep those contacts organized, keep track of progress and maintain vital customer information. CRM Software makes it easy to find and this is essential customer service.

3. Follow-Up Leads and Track Progression - As you build relationships with customers, it will help to not have that progress organized by a series of sticky notes. CRM software is designed for this purpose, to keep track of your customer relationships and make it easier for you to follow up on leads.

4. Improve Marketing - Many modern CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, have social media tools that allow you to extend your reach and improve marketing, while also keeping track of progress. Whether you need to send mass emails to certain groups of customers or analyze your marketing techniques over time, CRM software can help.

CRM software helps you build a customer relations foundation within your business and then manage it as it thrives over time. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers affordable options for small businesses, leaving you no good reason to put off improving your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM involves three basic steps: finding and developing customer relationships, keeping customers happy, and growing these relationships to enhance your business profitability. Get a free 30 trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

By InterDyn BMI – Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. CRM software is something that will be required of most businesses once they reach a certain size anyway. And it doesn't have to be that large before keeping track of everything can start to slip. It's almost always worth a look in my opinion.

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