3 Reasons Why I Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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On this day, to celebrate all things related to love, we shower the object(s) of our affection with such things as candy, flowers, and cards. Our “objects” include spouses, children, parents, pets, best friends, boy/girlfriends, and more so it might seem a little odd to say that I (heart) CRM.

Let me explain my reasons:

  1. I can quickly track activity related to customers such as orders, pending orders, customer service requests and more. And whether you call them customers or something else such as patients, volunteers, constituents, passengers, donors, clients, or even objects of your affection, you can customize and monitor their activities and needs in CRM.
  2. Workflows make my life easier! I can tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM to my business workflow by designing custom views for different users in the company, and build business logic into CRM so that the software automates repetitive tasks, tells users next steps, sends e-mails, and raises alerts for open items. Nothing falls through the cracks!
  3. Reporting might be the least sexy of business functions (the flannel nightgown instead of the pretty lingerie) but the most important. Flexible reporting that enables managers to quickly see how the business is doing is critical when managing “change” on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. CRM data can be transferred into Microsoft Excel for analysis or into Microsoft SharePoint for updating executive dashboards or collaborating on customer-related documents such as orders.

So go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s with a special someone, then don’t forget to give your business the gift of love with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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