Why we LOVE ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Reason #2: Email Events

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ClickDimensions does a fabulous job of helping us get our message out to our clients, but how do we know if our emails are getting read?  The answer is a click away.

ClickDimensions Email Events displays a list of all of our email activity, and provides us with a bird’s eye view of the people who are opening our emails and the articles they’re reading.  Imagine starting with an email list of 500 names, sending 500 emails, getting 150 opens, and 25 clicks.  Wouldn’t you rather call 25 people who showed interest in your product than blindly reaching out to 475 who haven’t?  It’s a sales and marketing dream come true!  And more importantly, this information is tied directly to our CRM Lead and Contact records, so we don’t have to spend time going back and forth between our CRM System and a disconnected Marketing System.

Click here to see how we use ClickDimensions Email Events here at P2 Automation, or call us at (860) 426-8029 for a private demo.

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  1. Hear, hear for ClickDimensions! Our customers in commercial real estate benefit greatly. Imagine sending a property listing to a targeted marketing list and then prioritizing your follow ups based on seeing the open rate from the email? The commission off one sale would pay for your CRM and Marketing software for YEARS.

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