Wealth Management Firms turn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Amplify their Sales and Service Results

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Customer Effective is poised and ready to empower wealth management firms with flexible, scalable, and security-enhanced CRM tools and integrated solutions to grow their business. Customer Effective: FinServ for Wealth Management is our pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offering consisting of a full-featured Marketing, Sales, and Service suite tailored to wealth management industry needs. Below I have highlighted some common business and operational challenges faced by investment advisory firms and how these can be overcome with the help of the Customer Effective: FinServ for Wealth Management platform:

Advisor needs more insights on Household Relationship Management and Client Acquisition Tracking

  • Link Clients to multi-generational affluent family Households and obtain consolidated 360-degree views of all Household Members, Accounts, Assets/Liabilities, Transactions, Market Values and be able to see their complete financial picture in one central location.
  • Track related 3rd Party Advisors, Qualified Plans, Employers, and Client Interests and receive the extra knowledge and background to become the go-to trusted advisor and “quarterback” for any financial situation.
  • Track Client Acquisition Prospecting efforts, RFP requests and responses, and lead conversion success rates to identify the most effective and efficient ways to win new business.

Advisor needs better recordkeeping for Compliance

  • Uphold data integrity and maintain accurate Client, Prospect, and Partner records for individuals and companies.
  • Track system and field data changes via historical Audit trail logs to meet tightening compliance requirements.
  • Track and store all Client communication and correspondence to adhere to SEC and FINRA guidelines – emails, phone calls, portfolio review meetings and notes, service inquiries, client newsletters, buy/sell recommendations, Client Monthly Statements, Financial Plans, Investment Proposals, Monte Carlo Hypos, Investor Suitability Due Diligence questionnaires, KYC/AML compliance docs, proxies, research reports, and prospectuses.

Advisor needs more timely and robust Sales Pipeline Management reporting

  • Sales, Marketing, Client Service, and Compliance Dashboards and Reports capture KPI’s and production results for each individual Advisor, Branch, Region, or the entire firm.
  • Real-Time Sales Opportunity Pipeline Management and Forecasting help focus time and resources on more profitable relationships and shorten sales cycles.
  • Target vs. Actual Goal Tracking of Closed Deals and Prospecting Activity promotes competition, instills accountability, motivates reps, and helps identify areas for improvement.

Advisor needs to automate New Client Onboarding Processes

  • CRM can be tightly integrated with Portfolio Management/Trading/Rebalancing/Custody platforms to eliminate dual entry, save time, and further streamline and automate the Client Onboarding, Account Setup, and Ongoing Service Processes.
  • Once the Onboarding Process is complete, ongoing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual Review Meetings can automatically be set up to consistently and frequently stay in touch with Clients, earn their trust, and provide superior levels of service to the competition.
  • Track and rate Referral Sources based on lead generation profitability.

Advisor needs an easier way to plan, execute, and follow up on Seminars

  • Devise quick campaigns to plan, execute, and track the success of converted leads from attendees of Retirement Planning, College Savings, Tax Minimization, and Estate Planning Seminars.

Advisor needs to reduce the time involved on Client Allocation Change and Distribution Request Processes

  • Create automatic follow-up tasks and deadlines for review of Account activity and maintenance to increase client retention and ensure consistent behavior amongst Client Service Teams.
  • Identify At-Risk Clients based on recent, frequent high-dollar withdrawals; develop and execute client outreach and retention plans.


Please visit www.customereffective.com to learn more about Customer Effective: FinServ for Wealth Management and how its pre-designed wealth management tools and templates can vastly improve your practice’s customer-centric approach and widen your competitive advantage.

Post by: Kevin Wessels, Customer Effective

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  1. There is no other CRM tool out there that has tighter Outlook integration better than Microsoft Dynamics 2011. That's why I truly appreciate it. It lets me focus more on improving my business. It feels great to have a better and Easy CRM

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