The Economy is Coming Back; Make Sure Your CRM Software is Ready

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As our economy pulls out of its long recession, businesses are looking at their IT setup and finding that their systems are old and out of date. In particular, CRM software has suffered as companies have spent the past few years trying to make older systems work rather than upgrade. That thinking may have made sense during times of low cash flow, but companies that are not making sure their CRM systems are up to date now will regret it as the economic climate improves. Consider the following:

Your competitors are investing, will you lose your edge?

CIO Magazine reports for the second year in a row that half of companies surveyed said their IT budgets will increase in the coming year. A majority of that was predicted to go to application software. That means that businesses are getting more efficient in how they track and respond to customer service requests, and can manage their sales pipelines to close opportunities more quickly. If your competition is getting better at servicing and gaining new clients, are you going to be able to keep up?

Businesses are still sitting on record amounts of cash

2010 saw an all time record jump in corporate cash on hand, raising the level to a record 1.84 Trillion Dollars. Despite that record, cash on hand still increased in 2011. With interest rates so low, businesses have nowhere to earn interest on that money. As the recovery gains steam, businesses are starting to re-invest that money in themselves in the form of increased purchasing. That is translating to increased demand – do you have the sales automation tools to handle that new demand?

Deals on software are still out there

2010 saw deals for that may never be seen again. But even with the economy picking up, there are still aggressive offers out there, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent promotion.  Now is a great time to find bargains.

While it may have made sense during slow times to “get more done with less” and put off CRM upgrades, there are many compelling reasons to act now. Contact Intellitec Solutions today to see if Microsoft CRM may be the right fit for you.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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  1. CRM is a boon to respond and manage customers. It is an effortless system to give a helping hand to business in client interactions,order processing and complete sales activity.

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