Synching Phonecall Phone Numbers to Outlook in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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If you schedule phone calls in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will notice that they synchronize to Microsoft Outlook as tasks.  This is great, as you will see them from Outlook, and they will remind you when they are due.

However, you may notice that the phone call task does not include the phone number for the phone call—if it is an outgoing call, if you want to see what number to call, you need to view the phone call in CRM to see the phone number.


While there is no way to add additional fields to the Outlook task form, it is possible to make additional fields synchronize to Outlook using a workflow.

Create a workflow based on the phonecall entity

Set to run on create of phone call or update of the phonecall phone number record


Step:  Check condition to see if “Phone Number” field contains data

Substep:  if it contains data, append the phone number to the top of the description field.


Publish the workflow

Now when you schedule a phone call in CRM . . .


The phone number will appear at the top of the task description (body) field.


Post by: Joel Lindstrom, Customer Effective

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