Running a Quart Low on Customer Service? Change to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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The other night I stopped into my local dealership to get my Jeep’s oil changed.  Since I’m a regular customer, I get a warm greeting from my favorite service manager and  he asks what I need done tonight.   Just a simple oil change I say.  He grabs his mobile device and we walk over to my vehicle, he punches in the VIN number and soon up comes all my service history and he updates today’s visit with my mileage.   He quickly checks to see if there are any warranty issues that need to be addressed while I am there.   It appears that based on my mileage and service history, I am due for some sort of flush. My response was that I just had something flushed last time, didn’t I? ( Insert dramatic sigh here.)   He quickly pulls up my service history and confirms that I indeed had a flush but that was for the radiator and then he proceeds to explain the difference between the two flushes, explains the benefits of this flush along with the cost and frequency of this service.   Once we agree on what should be done, he sets my expectations on how long it should take to be completed.


What keeps me going back to the dealership where I might pay a little more than other places?  Most importantly I feel like they know me, my vehicle, and my concerns.  Whenever I have questions, no matter how dumb they might be, they explain it in a way I understand and I feel like I’m in good hands.   To top off the evening, they were able to complete the service in half the time and because Tuesday is Lady’s night, I received a 10% discount.  Sweet!   Will I go back?  Definitely.  When they call to survey me on my experience will I give a good review?  Yes, I will.
Can your business provide such a positive customer service experience?  Do you have a following of loyal customers?   Isn’t this what we all want:  happy customers who share their experience and keep coming back for more.  I’m guessing you are nodding in agreement right now.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the ability to track all your customers' activities so you can have the information necessary to provide a positive experience for your customers.   The analytics through CRM can provide you with the data to have an accurate feel on the state of your customers.  To speak metaphorically,  CRM is the dipstick your organization needs to determine when it is time for a change.

If your organization is due for a  change, contact DFC Consultants at 800-277-5661 or email  to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it can help your organization deliver better service and gain customer loyalty. We will be hosting a  CRM Demo on January 26th at 10 a.m. Central if you would like to see it in action.

DFC Consultants is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP. Since 1989, DFC has been providing accounting software solutions, training, and support in our offices in Fargo, Bismarck, and Dickinson, North Dakota.  Our passion is to assist clients in meeting their goals with professional services and powerful business solutions.

By Vanessa Veflin, DFC Consultants,  North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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