Identifying Synchronized Microsoft Dynamics CRM items in Outlook

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If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, you may know that Microsoft uses the following icon to display records that are synced from a users outlook client to CRM.


Sometimes a user can do something which causes the icon to disappear.  Some examples that would cause this situation include removing the CRM Outlook client, or reconfiguring the users client to point to an upgraded CRM 4 to 2011 Organizations, or editing fields on the record in Outlook that are not synched to CRM. When that icon disappears there is no real way to tell between a personal contact or other synced item to CRM. As a result a user might have hundreds of contacts and not know if they manually created them,  or if it was synchronized with CRM.

Well I learned today there is a way. Using the following steps will quickly allow you to see items that are  synchronized with CRM.

1.) Go to your views in Outlook. In our example we are going to make this change to the contact view.

2.) Click on Add Columns button and then Click on New Column button


3.) Enter the following new column information below.

Name: crmLinkState      Type: select Number


4.) Then add the column to your view


5.) Then look at your outlook view. (2 – Means currently synced with your org, 0 – means previously synced and blank means never synced)


Hope it helps you too!

Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective

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