Five Training Resources for Dynamics CRM

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Learning a new CRM system can be a daunting challenge for front line employees.  As with any change and new product, there are early-adopters and laggards.  Some percentage will completely embrace the new system and proactively educate themselves.  Others will resist and may never use more than the basic functions.

Proper training can benefit an organization in many ways.  Obviously, training can show employees the right way to use the system.  Even for those early-adopters, training can prevent users from learning bad habits.  And if the training is clear and straightforward and accompanied by a solid explanation of why the system is necessary, the laggards will be less anxious and more likely to adopt the system.

Below are five training resources that organizations should explore when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

    1. Take a look in the “Get Started” pane and help files.  Microsoft provides quite a lot of guidance through these sections.  The content is generally short and direct, and users are able to keyword search and find answers to very specific questions.  People often overlook these built-in resources.
    2. Microsoft has set up a dedicated YouTube channel for Dynamics CRM:  There are currently 48 videos, and most are very well done.  Some provide a broad overview of the system, but others are detailed demonstrations.  We highly recommend this.
    3. All CRM customers have access to CustomerSource, Microsoft’s dedicated site for customers.  CustomerSource provides online training, lots of self-support resources and a very active community forum where users can post questions and learn from each other.
    4. In addition to set up and customizations, most local partners can provide in-person training for customers.  This type of direct, in-person training can take many forms: small or large groups, on-site or off-site, full days or just a couple of hours.  Partners should be able to tailor the training to fit the client’s needs.
    5. Last but not least, local user groups are a terrific way to see examples of CRM implementations and network with other users.  Check out the official CRM User Group site.  Most chapters have regularly scheduled events, and many have informational webinars and discussion boards.  It’s a terrific way to meet other users and share experiences.

In summary, launching a new system is a process.  No one, no matter how technically knowledgeable they are, will master CRM in the first day, the first week, or the first month!  So everyone needs some level of training.  Management needs to recognize this and provide the resources for employees to be successful.

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by 2B Solutions, Alabama Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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