CRM for Associations: A New Era in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation

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Associations of all sizes are struggling to find new revenue streams and better connect with their members. In fact, many associations are looking beyond the traditional AMS (Association Membership Management) systems for sales, marketing, and service management and in favor of a “CRM for Associations” solution to centralize their marketing, lead, opportunity, and service management efforts.

CRM for Associations is a new concept that’s taking hold within the NFP marketplace.  It’s CRM, but CRM that is tailored to meet the requirements and speak the language of today’s associations.  As a membership-based organization, you have members, events, campaigns, sponsors, and other sources of revenue.  Your challenge is to manage and interact with all of your constituencies and audiences more effectively.   A CRM for Associations solution helps you do that while also boosting revenue.

Most AMS systems are lacking in sales, marketing, and service automation.  They do just fine with operational management such as event registrations and dues management, but many of the sales and marketing features and functions they offer are either afterthoughts, bolt-ons, or poorly integrated into the overall AMS system.  They fall well short for organizations with more sophisticated requirements.

With a CRM system that is designed and built for associations, you can break out of the limitations imposed by traditional AMS.  A CRM solution offers many sales, marketing, and service best practices:

  • Constructing your membership team more like a traditional sales team.
  • Developing ongoing nurture marketing programs to capture new revenue.
  • Establishing a measureable lead management process.
  • Utilizing integrated case management to establish a high-end membership service program.

Where a CRM for Associations solution shines is in centralizing your sales, marketing, and service efforts for your membership.  You can manage the details of recruiting and retaining sponsors, donors, supporters, and members.  Plan and manage marketing campaigns of any size and complexity including direct mail and email marketing.  When a revenue opportunity is identified, you can track and manage it through the revenue capture process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the foundation for our CRM for Associations offering.  We have taken the base functionality and customized it to meet the specific needs of membership-based organizations.  It retains all of the extensive features found in the base product but is extended and tailored to work for associations.   Here is just a brief list of its features:

  • Access the system from within Microsoft Outlook or use it from a web-browser.
  • Use the solution as a stand-alone application or as an integrated component to your current AMS solution.
  • Create and automate marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver personalized campaigns for specific members.
  • Develop nurture email marketing campaigns for training, newsletters, and events.
  • Track and report on marketing and revenue generation activities.
  • Manage comprehensive buying and demographic profiles for all important constituencies.
  • Provide top-flight service to members through integrated case management.
  • Easily deploy the solution either on premise or “in the cloud”.

A CRM for Associations solution is a great alternative for any membership-based organization looking to grow its revenue. This new concept is being adopted by many leading organizations today and forms the foundation for better, more effective sales, marketing, and service management.  And the best part is that organizations are seeing improved success in generating non-dues revenue.  You can too.

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  1. Associations needs have evolved in the past few years. I believe that Microsoft Dynamics based platforms can work well, but associations should stick with solutions that are custom-made for them. I always recommend systems like MemberCentral and IMIS. These solutions are built for associations. I've found that using a CRM leads to significantly higher costs.

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