Coming Soon: Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Different Web Browsers

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The latest update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (released in the UK last December) delivered some great additional features and enhancements. These included new Business Intelligence capabilities, enhanced dialogues (which takes the dialogue functionality way beyond just call scripting) and improved data cleansing. There were also some useful enhancements when running the product in  Outlook, tighter user auditing, and some impressive new charting capabilities.

With the inclusion of activity feeds, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s journey into social networking is now well underway. What’s more, there’s going to be some major news about social networking and Microsoft Dynamics CRM later in the year (watch this space!).

On the subject of future updates, here’s a really exciting development: coming soon (in the first half of 2012) you’ll be able to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a variety of different web-browsers.

Since its inception, both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online have been built to run on Internet Explorer. That generally hasn’t been an issue, because PCs and Internet Explorer were (and are still) used in a massive number of organisations and businesses throughout the world. However, the internet landscape is changing.

Statistics vary on the popularity of web browsers. Internet Explorer is still generally accepted as the most popular, but others, such as Firefox, Safari and Google’s Chrome, are gaining in popularity. More and more people are accessing the web using tablets, smart-phones, and other mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops. The default or browser of choice in these devices is not always Internet Explorer. So quite simply, being able to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM via a range of different web-browsers means you should be able to use it on products like Macs, iPads, and a whole range of other devices.  And if your personal preference is to use a browser such as Chrome or FireFox, you can do so and not have to change to Internet Explorer when you run Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Cross-browser support will be available for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The potential of this change is quite dramatic and opens up a whole new breadth of possibilities. It increases the flexibility of this leading CRM software solution. It means you’ll be able to access it from a massive variety of web-enabled devices, in the method you prefer from just about wherever you are. The result is more choice for everyone, an even better product, and even better user experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a clearly defined roadmap setting out its long-term development plans. It regularly provides innovative and enhanced functionality which consistently delivers increased value to its users.  For more information about the impact of cross-browser support, current and future updates of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or advice on how to best harness the power of the product in your business, please contact Concentrix TSG or your local Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business partner.

By Concentrix TSG – independent CRM and Business Software Specialists.

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Different Web Browsers”

  1. Hi,

    any news on this? I was holding my breath, but it's taking too long :).

    Update 15 perhaps?

    1. Hi

      Still no news - I've just checked and there's no official release date for 'CRM Anywhere' as yet. It was originally scheduled for 2nd Qtr of 2012 so could be any time soon....



    2. It's been delayed! Originally scheduled for delivery in the Q2 2012 Service Update (due on 19th July), Microsoft are delaying availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile and cross-browser support. They now plan to deliver them in the service update scheduled for Q4 2012.

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