Boston Red Sox Improves Business Functionality with Green Beacon Solutions

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Green Beacon Solutions, a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics® business solutions, and business technology consulting and managed services, today announced that they have successfully completed an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM for the Boston Red Sox™.

The Red Sox are leveraging Green Beacon's sports marketing solution, "Sports CRM", built upon the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform to increase targeted customer interactions, manage opportunities, and improve customer service at Boston's Fenway Park. The project integrated information from various sources, including the Red Sox ticketing system, into Green Beacon's "Sports CRM" solution to provide the Team with real-time access to critical business development data. "Sports CRM" now enables the Red Sox to:

  • Track and Manage Information in a Single System - The consolidated system provides a broader number of key individuals and departments within the organization - including finance, sales and, most importantly, customer service - with on-demand access to comprehensive, interactive data.
  • Receive a Complete Customer View - Using predictive analytics, the Red Sox can develop promotions and marketing programs targeting specific customer groups according to their unique consumer patterns. Understanding and recalling the preferences of long-term customers allows the Red Sox to improve customer retention rates while promoting like-offerings.
  • Manage Opportunities - Leveraging information about premium seating enables the Red Sox to simplify inventory management and generate targeted outreach programs and activities to ensure full capacity at both games and events.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - Centralizing information permits the Customer Service team to integrate inbound customer communications into a single service record to provide detailed profiles and streamline the overall response cycle. 

"The Boston Red Sox organization is driven to ensure that every fan has a consistent, high quality experience each time they visit Fenway Park," said Ron Bumgarner, Senior Vice President/Ticketing at the Boston Red Sox. "The improved visibility into the consumer preferences of our fans is helping us achieve that goal. Green Beacon Solutions has been an exceptional partner as we integrated Microsoft Dynamics xRM into our front office," added Bumgarner. "Their experience and expertise, as well as their ability to quickly learn our intricate business model has made them an excellent resource for us. We are very pleased with the 'Sports CRM' solution and its ability to support our current and future needs."

"Green Beacon Solutions delivered a compelling and complete solution for improving visibility into fan preferences for the Boston Red Sox organization," said Chris Sakalosky General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics. "This is a solution that other sports and entertainment organizations will want to evaluate as they seek to improve fan experience."

"In today's competitive marketplace, sports organizations like the Boston Red Sox need to use innovative technologies to drive their business forward," said Benjamin A. Holtz, President and CEO of Green Beacon Solutions. "We are proud that our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics xRM and 'Sports CRM' will provide the Red Sox with key tools to effectively manage their inventory, and improve the fan's overall experience. 'Sports CRM' is a dynamic and flexible solution that can deliver similar results for other leading sports and entertainment organizations."

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities to help businesses of all sizes find, win, and profitably grow customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics xRM opens the traditional view of CRM to encompass "everything"(x) Relationship Management. By leveraging the powerful .NET platform on which Dynamics CRM is built, the entities that CRM encompasses creates entirely new solutions that integrate into existing line of business applications. Green Beacon's "Sports CRM" is built upon the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform to consolidate customer information, purchase history, and buying trends to enable sports and entertainment organizations to win new business and improve customer service.

by Green Beacon, New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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