Add Customized Workflow Activities to Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System

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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 workflows are now referred to as processes, there are two different kinds of processes:

Workflows are automated processes that may require user input to start and do not always need a user to complete. A dialog is an interactive process that does require user input to start and to complete.

Processes now support Windows Workflow Foundation. The latest version of Windows Workflow Foundation has improved to facilitate easier creation, running, and maintenance of workflows to implement custom functionalities in your application. CRM 2011 has many out of the box components but also offers developers a mechanism to extend and customize the standard behavior of business processes to achieve the functionality that their business needs require by allowing them to build custom components.

These processes are built on top of Windows Workflow Foundation 4, a programming model, in-process workflow engine and rehostable designer to implement long-running processes as workflows within .NET applications. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM process is based on the Windows Workflow Foundation programming model which provides a run-time engine, a framework, a base library of activities, and default implementations of the run-time services.

If you are an administrator or developer and would like to learn more about the the Microsoft  Dynamics CRM 2011 software development kit used to create Custom Workflow Activities and Custom XAML Workflows or the Windows Workflow Foundation please contact a Microsoft Dynamics Partner for details and additional resources.

by InterDyn AKA, New York Microsoft CRM Partner

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