20+ Marketing Ideas for Companies Using Microsoft CRM

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Looking for some inspiration to get your marketing game into high gear?  Well, if your organization uses Microsoft CRM then here’s a source of ideas for you to kick off the New Year.  Over the past year we have written extensively about marketing ideas as they relate to marketers that use Microsoft CRM.  To make this information more accessible and consolidated we compiled it into book format in a ‘best of’ eBook of marketing ideas.  You can get the eBook at http://www.clickdimensions.com/ebook/ but let’s dive into a couple of our ideas here.

First off, marketers have to deal with a lot of data and it is not always clean and organized.  One of our eBook topics tells you how you can address this using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service.  The service, which takes its name from an 18th century fake chess-playing machine uses the power of the crowd to get your repetitive information tasks done.  Imagine a typical marketer’s scenario where you might need to locate the mailing addresses for a list of companies to which you want to send a direct mail piece.  Using internal resources to go to each company’s web site contact page would take a long time.  With the mechanical turk you can upload a list of these companies and let people from around the world do the research for you at 10 to 20 cents a record.  Having used this service on numerous occasions we have always been pleased with the speed, cost, and results.

Switching gears now, do you use Google AdWords for online advertising?  If so, do you really know if it is effective?  Better said, do you have the hard data to prove its effectiveness?  Well, one of our Microsoft CRM Marketing eBook articles shows you how we implement Google AdWords conversion tracking so that we can see exactly which keywords, campaigns, and ads bring conversions to our web site.  What is a conversion?  A conversion occurs when someone who has clicked on your ad accomplishes your call to action.  This call to action usually involves filling out a web form to download something but it can also be when someone views a video or accesses a certain page.  Paying for online advertising without knowing your conversion rate is imprecise.  Check out the book and see what we mean.

Finally, another one of our 20+ ideas that is very useful is a simple CRM customization to help you track event participation for things like conferences, webinars, and seminars.  Call it poor man’s event tracking, it is remarkably effective and relatively pain free.  It involves creating a custom event entity and then importing event data as you complete your event.  It solves some key scenarios marketers face including dealing with webinar data after you finish a webinar and tracking who visited your booth at a tradeshow.  And, it does not require any other tools than what you can find in CRM 2011.  Check it out along with many other ideas in the Microsoft CRM Marketing eBook.

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By ClickDimensions; Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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