Why we LOVE ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Reason #1: OutlookCast

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ClickDimensions is a hosted solution that provides email marketing and marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  At P2 Automation, we’re not only a ClickDimensions Partner, but we’ve integrated the technology into our own marketing process. We're excited to share some of our own real-world experiences with this product over a multi-part series of articles, starting with OutlookCast.

With all of the great features in ClickDimensions, it’s difficult to choose a favorite, but OutlookCast is definitely in our top 3. With OutlookCast, we can create a professional looking HTML email from Microsoft Outlook in a matter of minutes. We no longer need to muddle our way through HTML code to get the look we want. We simply create the email, click a button in CRM, copy the email address, and send it off. A few minutes later, we receive a notification email from ClickDimensions that includes a link directing us to the template that’s waiting for us in our own CRM System. Click here to see OutlookCast in action.

by P2 Automation, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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