Redeploying Scribe Server ODBC Connections for Microsoft CRM Integrations

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The following is a quick way to redeploy Scribe ODBC data connections from one scribe server to another. This is particularly helpful when you want to move scribe and/or DTS from a test/development deployment to a production deployment.

1.) You need to click on start run and type “regedit” on the server from which you want to copy the ODBC connections.

Note: If you are not confortable working in the registry key ask for assistance. You can cause bad problems if you do not understand what you are doing.

2.) Find the ODBC Key for your type of installation. There are two location depending on OS verion 32 Bit. or 64 Bit.

32 bit server location

64 bit server location


3.) Export the registry key to a *.reg file.


4.) Logon to the server that you want to restore/copy the ODBC settings to and run regedit.

5.) Please backup this servers registry key prior to importing the exported registry keys from the other server. This way you can restore the original if something happens (Repeat step 2-3)

6.) Double click on the exported *.reg file from the server you are moving the ODBC settings from and it will import them.


Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective 

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