Microsoft CRM Upgrade – Migrate Data or Start New in CRM 2011?

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With all the new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, many clients that are on older versions of Microsoft CRM are eager to upgrade. The upgrade path, though, from CRM 3.0 to CRM 2011 can be a challenge. Microsoft CRM version 3.0 or earlier has a very significant different database schematic  versus CRM 2011. For companies that have not tracked a lot of information in CRM 3.0, it may not be a problem to simply start new in CRM 2011, and keep historical data in CRM 3.0. For companies that need to migrate along with an upgrade, the migration can be done with the right approach.

The first step is to upgrade the existing Microsoft CRM 3.0 implementation to CRM 4.0. This involves a 3 step process to move the CRM 3.0 databases to new 64bit SQL Server, test the old 32 bit Application server connectivity to the new SQL Server, and finally install CRM 4.0 on the new 64 bit Application Server. This conversion will likely include all of the connection strings that you will need to bring forward, as well as any workflows you may have in place. Customizations that were developed using the CRM Solution Developer Kit should also migrate over. Once this new 64 bit server is in place, you can upgrade rather cleanly from 4.0 to Microsoft CRM 2011, provided proper care is taken to map to the new functionality in CRM 2011.

If you are on Microsoft CRM 3.0 and considering upgrading to CRM 2011, please attend the upcoming Microsoft CRM User Group January 24th to learn more details.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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