Manage Criminal Investigations with Dynamics CRM

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The paperwork supporting a criminal investigation, while critical to the case support, can slow down progress and waste valuable time. If you have had to manage the manual and detailed processes supporting evidence management, narrative, case security, crimes codes, and arrest information you know the frustration of spending time on paperwork instead of real work.

Change the way you investigate

That’s why Planet Technologies’ breakthrough for criminal investigators. By replacing paper with electronic records that are easily searchable you can spend your time on evaluation and analysis of evidence instead of administrative work.

Instead of creating manual reports, pre-built standard reporting and dashboards organize the information automatically to give you new perspectives to consider. Patterns and connections that you may have missed with manual reports can lead to discoveries that change the course of the investigation.

Planet has included a slew of features to help you build the case right the first time, including:

  • Mobile device access when you are in the field or offline to enter data, even when no internet is available.
  • Detailed management of evidence inventory related to a specific case.
  • Highly configurable security to control who sees what information related to the case.
  • Detailed auditing of all information that is entered for a case.
  • Reporting and dashboards gives senior management insight into progress across the agency.
  • Track all case-related communication from telephone calls to emails to snail mail.
  • Detailed case narratives support the full lifecycle of the investigation.

Now you can spend your time investigating instead of administrating. Find out more at Planet Technologies.

Planet Technologies, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold partner, will help you solve organizational productivity challenges. Call Sam at 1-87PLANET11 or send an email . Check out Planet’s free Membership Management App “Membership Management for CRM 2011”. Try it and let us know what you think.

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  1. We are ilmnementipg CRM 4.0 with Event Management Accelerator, and we are unable to find any user documentation on Event ManagementDo you have any user documentation on this product?If so, what is the cost?Thanks, Randy Bohannon TMAC The University of Texas at Arlington 817-307-0592

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