Grants Management Made Easy With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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We have mentioned Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerators before and how these free additions to your existing Dynamics CRM solution can serve specific business needs and make significant improvements to your  business. Recently, while working with a  government agency  one of our consultants was asked for a solution that would allow funding applicants and sub-recipients to submit proposals and performance reports via the internet; in her search she came across Microsoft Grants Manager solution.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grants Manager solution accelerator is an all in one integrated solution that streamlines the grants process from initial solicitation through approval and awards to stay on time and within budget. A cloud-based website eases the applicant’s interaction with the grantor agency. The solution helps with tracking grant status, processing payouts, and creating reports and does all of these things using familiar Microsoft tools.

This solution performs all of the tasks a grants management solution should and its transparent integration enables the user to access it from their Outlook inbox. With automated application status updates and task lists for each stage of the process, users will have more time to evaluate submissions and distribute funds to the most deserving applicants.

For more information or to view a demo on the Grants Manager solution along with other Microsoft Dynamics CRM accelerators contact InterDyn AKA!

by InterDyn AKA

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