CRM 2011 for Outlook Sync Errors

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We have seen users experiencing some rather annoying Sync issues with CRM 2011 Outlook Contacts. When attempting to Sync in Outlook, users were receiving several error messages on Contact records that said “You cannot link this item to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Synchronization for this record or activity type has been turned off”. Contacts would appear to sync and show a CRM icon that would quickly change back to an Outlook icon and the contacts would not show a link back to a Parent CRM Account.

Note: Prior to UR 5, there was an issue where inactivating or removing the default My Outlook Contacts filter broke all other Contact filters. This issue has been resolved with UR 5.

We found that the users experiencing the sync issues had a program called “Microsoft Office Interop Assembly 2007” installed on their machines that was interrupting the CRM MAPI calls. We un-installed this program using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. After un-installing the Interop Assembly 2007, we used the following steps:

1) Deactivate all Outlook filters

a. Open Outlook and go to File – CRM – Synchronize – Outlook Filters


b. Select all filters and click the icon that looks like a stop sign to Inactivate all filters. Click Ok when complete.


2) Clean up the Outlook Contacts synced from CRM

a. Once the filters are dactivated, go to File – CRM – Synchronize and click Synchronize


b. Browse to Contacts. Locate and delete duplicate contacts or leftover CRM contacts that did not get removed with the sync. Do not delete personal contacts that are not found in CRM.

3) Delete and recreate the user’s profile in the CRM configuration wizard.

a. Go to All Programs – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Configuration Wizard. Note the Server URL. Highlight the existing CRM profile and click Delete.

b. Click Add to recreate the profile.


c. Enter the server name copied from step A. when prompted, enter the user’s login credentials and select Ok. Once authenticated, select the Organization. Click OK when complete.


When complete, user can log back into Outlook and recreate the custom filters without Sync errors.


Post by: Jaymi Stephens, Customer Effective

1 thought on “CRM 2011 for Outlook Sync Errors”

  1. How can i stop ms crm 2011 for outlook to link replied mails to closed Cases?

    The scenario is:
    - Workflow to create Automatic cases if emails sent to Specific helpdesk mail .
    - case created .
    - reply from the case to the customer inquiry.
    - close case as resolved.
    if the customer reply again to Specific helpdesk mail , the system link the reply to the closed case how can i stop that in case of the cases is closed (Resolved)

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