Cannot Authenticate Your Credentials; Error When Configuring Microsoft CRM 2011 for Outlook

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A user recently reported that when she was trying to configure Microsoft CRM for Outlook to her CRM Online environment, she would get the following error:

server error (2)

I’ve seen the “Cannot connect to server” error before, but this one was a little bit different because it said it “cannot authenticate credentials.”  She could log on to the web client without issue, so we knew that her credentials were ok.

With the help of Microsoft support, we were able to resolve this error using the following steps:

1.  Log on to Microsoft CRM in a web browser

2.  Copy the full URL from your browser window

3.  Run the CRM configuration wizard (start—>all programs—>Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011)

4.  instead of changing the Server URL to “CRM Online,” just paste the full url to your CRM Online environment to the “Server URL” field, then click “Test Connection” and enter your CRM Online credentials.


Using this approach we were able to configure the client to CRM Online.

Post by: Joel Lindstrom, Customer Effective
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