3 Ways to Feel Secure Taking CRM to the Cloud

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While there is a strong movement toward deploying business management solutions, like CRM systems, in the cloud, we know that there is still some apprehension.  If you are considering a cloud CRM solution, there are a few ways to gain some confidence in your choice:

Choose a Proven Vendor:

When it comes to Software as a Service(SaaS) or cloud solutions, it is important to know and trust and the creator of the software solution.  Therefore, selecting a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which is an industry leading crm system being offered in the cloud by an organization with proven cloud capabilities.  I think Satya Nadella, president of the Servers and Tools Business at Microsoft, put it well in a recent interview when he said, “I think it's also about the business relationship our customers have with Microsoft ... So as we move to the cloud we are working both as trusted advisors on the technology and trusted business partners to our customers.”

Choose a Trusted Partner:

If you are at all on the fence about whether or not a cloud CRM system is the right choice for your business, working with a trusted partner to assess your needs and provide you with an objective opinion can help you ensure you are making the best possible decision.  By choosing a solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can choose whether you want to deploy it in the cloud or on premise, and you have the flexibility to change deployment methods down the road if your needs change.  However, not all Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners can offer you this choice.  Select a partner, like Socius, who offers both deployment types and has experience helping clients transition between them to feel truly confident that your needs will be supported for the entire time you are using the solution.

Choose Predictable Services:

One of the great benefits of having your CRM deployed in the cloud is that you don’t have to worry about routine maintenance and software updates – those are all handled automatically and included in your subscription plan.  However, you still need to take into consideration your initial implementation and training.  In order for your system to be effective and adopted by your users, you need solid implementation services to get you up and running right.  Socius offers rapid implementation services with predictable, packaged pricing so that you know up front what you’ll need to spend to start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Get an instant quote for your cloud software and services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Socius!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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