Winter Storm Alfred No Match for Microsoft Office365 or CRM 2011 Online

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Unlike Hurricane Irene, storm Alfred hit me and my family personally. Like more than half of the residents in CT, we lost power, heat, phones, and internet access in the early portion of the storm. 3 days later we’re still in the dark.

As I sit here now working away on the Public WiFi at my local public library, I can’t help but think how great it is knowing that my small business is running like a top thanks to all of the Cloud Computing solutions we’ve implemented internally, including Office365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, and iDrive Hosted Backup. All of our email, appointments, documents, and customer contact information is easily accessible from my laptop here in the library or my PDA from home, and none of the services skipped a beat. In fact, our hosted phone service (Vonage) is auto-forwarding all incoming calls to our cell phones.

Aside from a little bit of personal inconvenience, it’s business as usual here at P2 Automation, and our clients can rest assured knowing that their information is safe, their business is operational, and all of us at P2 Automation are available to help like it was any other day. If you’d like to have a discussion about how to move your on-premise solutions to the Cloud, please call us at (860) 426-8029.

by P2 Automation

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