What are the Differences Between a Contact Management System and Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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Recently, Sherwood Systems had the privilege of being an exhibitor at this year’s Arizona Business Growth Expo. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, we enjoyed many lively conversations with small business owners curious and seriously contemplating the benefits of CRM. When asked if they have CRM in place, many replied with “we have a contact management system.” What they didn’t realize is that there are actually many differences between the two.

A contact management system is simply that, a place to store your contacts.  On the flip side, a robust CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM will manage every aspect of communication with a contact.  This includes tracking:

  • the flow from prospect to customer
  • every interaction from marketing to sales
  • the products the customer buys
  • the services you provide the customer
  • everything in between…

Every interaction with every department is captured.  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have integration within Microsoft Outlook, making work seamless and optimizing employee productivity. Managers can see a full 360 degree view of all leads, opportunities, marketing campaigns, tasks, emails and appointments.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes analytical tools like graphs and dashboards that provide a quick view of key performance indicators and trend analysis for your business. These are completely customizable so you can tailor the system to capture your specific industry demographics. Users can create process dialogs and workflows to help automate data collection and repetitive tasks. Altogether, Microsoft Dynamics CRM spells higher productivity for your business when comparing it to a simple contact management system.

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By Sherwood Systems – Arizona MicrosoftDynamics CRM Partner