It’s Time to Invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In a tight economy, many businesses are holding on purchase decisions, even purchases that could provide immediate benefits.  When every dollar is counted, it is easy to quantify the cost of a new CRM system, but what about the benefits?

 When a prospective customer wants consulting on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I run into this scenario a lot.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides efficiency benefits like streamlining administrative tasks to allow the sales team or customer service team more time on the phone.  Is it a benefit?  Yes.  How much is it worth – another closed sale, another resolved customer incident?  You see how it’s difficult to quantify.

 Here are five things that I highlight when describing Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits for an organization:

  1. Increases marketing effectiveness: by centralizing Marketing campaigns with focused messaging to the right audience, open rates can increase significantly, ensuring your message is being heard (or read).
  2. Increases lead flow:  improving marketing messages and campaign tracking can increase the leads that result.
  3. More qualified leads and faster sales cycle: by getting the right message to the right contacts at the right time.  With lead response automation, you can respond immediately to their inquiries, providing key information in the time that they are looking, rather than days or weeks later.
  4. Better close ratios on sales opportunities: more qualified leads ready to buy result in a larger and more qualified sales pipeline
  5. Reduce the time to close: Pipeline analysis tools enable management to assist on the hottest deals and have the highest probability of closing

Not yet convinced?  Check out the existing financial incentives that Microsoft has in place for a limited time:

  • Microsoft’s Cloud for Less promotion (good until March 2012): Receive $150 in cash back for every Microsoft CRM Online subscription (must purchase at least 50 licenses).  If you have 100 users, that equals a check from Microsoft for $15,000 to offset deployment services.
  • Microsoft’s Big Easy 7 promotion (good until December 2011): Receive subsidy checks up to 24% of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM license that can be used to offset deployment services.

**Yes it’s possible to combine both of these offers if you go with Microsoft CRM Online.

Now more than ever, investing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is money to the bottom line this year.   Whether it’s the inherent value that the Microsoft CRM features can bring, or it’s the additional instant rebates from Microsoft that are now available, you should consider them in your business case benefits .  Investing in CRM today will set up your company for continued growth.

 As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner we have helped over 100 customers successfully implement and utilize CRM for their organizations.   You can read about their CRM customer success stories on our website.

By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions

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