Independent Research Proves Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Smart Choice

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Recently Nucleus Research, a leading firm focused on providing IT research and advisory services, released its CRM Technology Matrix for the second half of 2011 comparing many of the CRM packages currently available to businesses.  The graphic below, reproduced from the aforementioned report shows just how competitive the CRM market has become.  Businesses sure have a wide variety of options to consider when deciding which CRM package is best suited to their needs. 
Matrix comparing several CRM packages on the market today

That having been said, a closer look at this matrix reveals that a few leaders have indeed emerged.  One of these leaders is Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Here are a few specific reasons why Dynamics CRM ranked so well.


  • Microsoft Outlook and Office integration
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Role-based views


  • Microsoft’s online application marketplace provides customers with ready access to CRM add-ons, so that they may customize and expand the system to fit their needs.
  • Enhanced social collaboration capabilities such as support for activity feeds, microblogging, conversations, and automated activity updates*

 * These features were made available in Microsoft Dynamics 2011 Q4 service update and will likely serve to increase its functionality score in future reports.

 As you study this and other similar evidence, we are confident that you’ll see that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a smart choice.  If you’d like to learn more about Dynamics CRM and how it can help your business succeed, contact us today!

by Intelligent Technologies

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