How to Reap All the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: What Could Be Holding You Back?

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You’ve gone through the necessary steps to implement a state of the art CRM solution, but you’re not seeing as many benefits as you had planned. What issues could be creeping up that are holding you back? We find a few scenarios that may be the culprit…

  • Companies Set it and Forget It: If you implemented CRM to fix a sales or marketing problem, the solution acted similar to a Band-Aid. It may have fixed the problem, but then you and your team forgot about the functionality of the tool and how it can continually help and fix problems. You forgot that it can scale and evolve to differing requirements as your business changes.
  • Companies Overlook Training: To save money, some companies skimp on the training portion of their CRM implementation. This is a red flag for various reasons. First of all it lowers user adoption because teams don’t know how to leverage CRM to meet their specific needs. And secondly, it greatly reduces the return on investment that companies expect from a CRM solution. If no one knows how to use the solution to make processes more efficient, then it’s not helping the company and ultimately wasn’t worth the investment.
  • Companies go Overboard in Complexity: It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that more is better. But when it comes to your software, you want it focused, to the point, and easily available. The data should be relevant to your users. For example, don’t make the mistake of showing too much information in your dashboard that only confuses your marketing department. Figure out what information they need, how they’ll use it, and the best way for CRM to deliver this.

If you’re feeling held back by your CRM solution, it may not be the solution itself, it may be missteps or misunderstandings. Hopefully these scenarios help you identify what it is. If you have any questions about CRM, please feel free to contact us at Rimrock Corporation. We’re a Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Partner out of Toronto, Ontario.


By Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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