Activating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Trial

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Setting up a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online trial is easy enough to do (which is very nice) and it happens fairly quickly (usually within 15 minutes).  The focus of this blog is what to do when you want to activate the trial subscription.  It will also cover steps needed to change the billing administrator and billing delegates for the CRM Online instance.

You must be the billing administrator for your CRM Online instance to be able to activate your online trial.  Whoever set up the trial initially is designated as the billing administrator.  See the Additional Notes area below for more details about the billing administrator and how to change it.  Billing delegates can be set up and can manage the billing preferences after initial setup.

There are a couple of ways to activate your subscription.  If you haven’t closed the message bar and it still appears in the CRM application window, you can simply click “Activate Now” in the gold message bar.


I have found that most people close the gold notification bar so I will explain where you can find Activation in the user interface.  Click on “Settings” in the wunderbar, then click “Administration” in the left navigation, and then click “Subscription Management” on the right.  The links are highlighted in the screen shot below.


At the bottom of the Subscription Management information is a button named “View Offers” In the Offer Management section.


After clicking the “View Offers” button, you will be presented with the screen below.


Click “OK” and you will be redirected to the Windows Live login page.  The reason for this is you are now logging into another system for the billing information.  You will be directed to the following screen which is Step 1 of the activation process.


Please read the Subscription Terms information and check the “I accept …” check box.  When complete, click the “I Accept” button.  You will be brought to Step 2.


Enter your contact information and click Next.  You will be brought to Step 3.


Fill in your credit card information and verify the billing address information for the credit card.  Then click “Next”.

Step 4 is the confirmation page and you will have successfully activated your CRM 2011 Online subscription.

There are a couple of important notes you should be aware of concerning your CRM 2011 online subscription and the billing administrator setup for your account.

Billing Administrator:
There can be only one billing administrator for a CRM 2011 Online instance but there can be multiple billing delegates which can be setup later.  If you are in the habit of setting up environments for your customers, this means you are the default billing administrator.
The billing administrator must be a user in CRM so please make sure that person is setup as a user before calling Microsoft to change the billing administrator for your CRM instance.  Changes made to the billing administrator should take effect about 15 minutes after it is made by Microsoft.  You can contact Microsoft using the phone number below.

I hope this clears some things up.

Support U.S./Canada Toll-Free

Post by: Mark Weilandt, Customer Effective


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