Achieve Continuing ROI with Dynamics CRM

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your CRM system. User adoption is improving and key indicators like client satisfaction and average sale value are moving in the right direction. It would be easy to get complacent and let users “get comfortable” with the system before you invest in more training.

Training, training, training

You might think by the subtitle that we think training is important. We don’t think it’s important, we know that training is what sets apart the organizations that achieve the highest ROI from CRM. Those organizations that invest in ongoing training for their employees continue to improve productivity and find new ways to increase customer engagement.

Share the knowledge

In addition to the trainer showing employees best practices and new functionality, employees learn from one another during classroom training. As your employees become more familiar with Dynamics CRM, each one of them likely finds creative ways to use the software to accomplish their work. Through the training environment, employees can share best practices and learn from one another.

Training cross functional teams can deliver even more productivity gains. When employees from different departments learn how each team uses Dynamics CRM, the perspective can be transformational. You never know what creative solutions to process problems or customer sales opportunities can percolate in a training environment.  

New functions of software

Each new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds tons of functionality that can be used across the organization. Given the opportunity to see new capabilities of CRM, your employees – the folks on the front line – may see benefits that you don’t. They will see how new features could save time and add value, like using the custom activity types in the service department or the landing pages in marketing.

Keep growing the ROI of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ongoing training. Planet Technologies, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold partner, will help you design a training program that will deliver results. Call Sam at 1-87PLANET11 or send an email .

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