8 Ways to Incentivize Employees to Use CRM

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When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, if it’s good for management, it’s good for everyone else … right?

Not always. If your staff resists using CRM, no one benefits – including top management. CRM requires accurate data, entered in a timely manner, for you to gain the real-time performance reports you intended the software to generate for you. And if employees don’t enter the right data at the right time, even the most powerful CRM solution will be a waste of money.

How do you ensure high user adoption to protect and maximize your CRM investment? What can you do to motivate employees to WANT to use the system? Here are nine ideas.

    1. Begin with the end-users’ needs in mind. Ensure CRM actually reduces
      sales rep workload and does not become more burdensome
    2. Configure CRM with “help-me-sell” tools that equip reps to close
      deals sooner, at higher margin.
    3. Tie employee compensation to CRM adoption.
    4. Invest in user training.
    5. Make CRM easily accessible off-site via multiple types of mobile
    6. Communicate about the CRM deployment in terms of how it benefits
      each user group.
    7. Lead by example, demonstrating your
      commitment to use the system.
    8. Select CRM software that’s easy-to-use.


The Bottom Line
High user adoption is absolutely essential for your company to experience the full value of CRM and achieve the highest possible return on investment. Apply these nine strategies, and you’ll make it happen with your next CRM deployment.

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