Scribe GP/Microsoft CRM 2011 Templates and CRM Online

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I recently worked on integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online with a local deployment of MS Great Plains 10. While you might assume that this might be an easy task considering that Scribe has had the GP templates around for a while now, it presented some challenges stemming from the security around CRM 2011 online hosting. The native Scribe GP templates need adjustments to connect to CRM 2011 online.

Scribe pointed us to the following blog post that will help you get started. We won’t go into all the details covered in the posting but here are the key points that you will need to do in order to make this work.

  • You will need two CRM online accounts for this modified process which means customers have to pay for additional user licenses.
    • One of the accounts needs to have the “isintegrationuser” set to 1. You need to create your own DTS to flip this value.
    • You will need to modify all DTS connection that point to CRM 2011 to use one of the accounts you created above. There is one exception so please review blog posting.
  • You will have to modify the “publishers” associated with CRM 2011
  • The steps related to installing and configuring “Order History Monitors & Views for Microsoft Dynamics CRM” will not work because you cannot create an ODBC connection to the CRM DB located in the cloud.

The ability to use the GP templates and CRM 2011 online is mentioned in the release notes.

Lesson learned: always read the release notes for Scribe templates (and any Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates). They include important information about system requirements, and can save you from making time-wasting mistakes.

Hope it helps!

Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective

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