Re-Assigning Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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What happens if you cannot re-assign an Account to another User - only a Team

Recently I ran into a problem with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that it appears few people have encountered.  A client of ours could not assign an Account to another User, only to a Team

This is a tough error to research for 2 reasons:

  • It appears to be rare
  • I found it hard to use key words in the Search box that isolated this error alone

The one solution I discovered was to export the customizations from CRM and modify the XML.  Specifically, the ownerid field needs to be modified to include both User and Team.  This is only an issue if you have set up Teams.

  • The LookupType ID for User is 8
  • The LookupType ID for Team is 9.

In CRM 4.0 if you export the customizations, there is only one place to change the LookupType for the ownerid field.  So, when I went to apply this change to the Client’s customization, I found the first occurrence and made the change.  When I imported the modified customizations back into CRM the client still couldn’t assign an Account to another User.

I finally exported the customizations for an on-line version of CRM 2011 and looked more carefully at the XML File.  That is when I discovered that you need to search the entire XML for the value LookupType id.  If the LogicalName (several lines above LookupTypes) reads ownerid then there should be 2 LookupTypes, 8 and 9.  There were 9 places that the values existed!

It looks like this:


I went back to the client and exported their Account entity customizations.  When I found that only a line with a value of 9 existed, I copied the line, inserted it above, changed the value to 8 and modified the GUID to be different.  There were only 4 changes that needed to be made. 

When I imported the customizations back into CRM and published the entity the problem had been resolved.

Important:  The GUID needs to be unique for each lookup.  I noticed that in the on-line version the second line was always incremented up.  In the above example the first line of code starts with 4b and the second line of code starts with 4c.  I followed this pattern when I edited the customizations.

Submitted by Core CRM Tech Gerry Yurko


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