Outlook Reminders Stopped Working / Missing / Gone. Help!!

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A few of us at Customer Effective recently realized that our Outlook calendar reminders were missing. Regretfully for me, I realized the hard way by missing a phone call or two. I hadn’t realized how much I depended on the reminders. So hopefully to prevent some of you from missing an upcoming call or meeting I’ll outline the fix (and what I understand to be the cause) for this issue.

A few blogs and forum posts indicate the issue may occur when you have Office 2010 with SP1 and the CRM Outlook Client. I underline the SP1 point because I do not have SP1 installed, yet I experienced the issue. The good news is the hotfix mentioned in some of the blogs and forum posts did indeed fix the issue for me.

The fix is as simple as installing the hotfix – provided you download the correct one. The important piece that I missed in my first download (and subsequent ‘no go’ with the install) was the version downloaded. When I browse to the hotfix page it appears to recognize that I am running a 64bit version of IE and thus shows the 64bit version of the hotfix. However I am running a 32bit version of Office. Easy enough to get around…

Step 1 – Browse to the MSft support site for the hotfix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2584053

Step 2 – Click the link to View and request hotfix download


Step 3 – Select the appropriate hotfix version (the hotfix is based on your version of Office). If the site does not detect the appropriate Office version, click  beside the second #1 – Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages


Step 4 – Provide email address and confirm the (surprisingly hard to read) letters and numbers and click the Request hotfix button

Step 5 – The link for downloading the hotfix will be emailed to you

Step 6 – Download and unzip the file

Step 7 – Close Outlook (this isn’t part of the hotfix instructions but seems like a good idea to me)

Step 8 – Run the install


That should do it. Good luck with it and enjoy those chimes and reminders. Now you can get back to clicking the ‘Snooze’ button on those pesky reminders which we can’t seem to live without.

Post by: Matt Putnam, Customer Effective

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