Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Offer Pushes’s Dreamforce Conference to the Back Burner

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Many businesses are reaping the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) software – software designed to streamline and improve sales, marketing, and other customer relationship building efforts.  CRM software has been available for years and competition between software giants Microsoft and Salesforce is tight.  Just before's Dreamforce conference was kicked off, Microsoft offered a generous $150-per-seat rebate for customers who subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM online application.  The offer, designed to help customers migrate from existing CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, is good until March 31, 2012 and has already generated impressive response for the online app.

Although CRM software has the basic goal of organizing customer interactions in a single application, not all CRM software is alike.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a greater deal of flexibility and versatility than other CRM software.  Your choice of deployment includes on-premise, SaaS, hosted or hybrid, and now, in the cloud.  Since the software code is the same in each method of deployment, data migration from one deployment to another is easy.  You don’t need to lock into a deployment choice, so you are free to change as your business needs may change.  You also have your choice of client – Outlook, web browser, mobile, or online/offline.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes vertical solutions and can be customized to specific data, workflows, or roles.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a look and feel similar to Microsoft Outlook which will make training easier and encourage rapid adoption amongst employees.  The Role-Based views will help employees focus on their responsibilities and not be distracted by features or data used by co-workers.  Your sales staff can track and report on all customer interactions, communications, special offers, proposals, and contracts.   Using built-in alerts, staff can quickly convert email responses to leads and route them to the appropriate person with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Being able to understand customer needs and provide quick response will improve sales and customer service.

Simplify the marketing process by using the mail merge feature and email templates.  You can also track attendee data or the results of individual campaigns to determine the return on investment for each marketing event.  Improve the efficiency of your marketing programs by using the workflow and analytics features built-in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Setting key performance indicators in the software will help you evaluate individual marketing efforts and track other marketing and sales goals.

If your CRM software has been put on the back burner, now is a good time to take advantage of Microsoft’s discount on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Contact Cargas to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you drive sales, improve the efficiency of marketing efforts, and improve your customer service.

By Jullie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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