Investigate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Security Features

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 Security is one of the major concerns that business executives often express when asked about cloud CRM and cloud computing in general. After all, when your CRM software is online, it is “out there” in cyberspace for anyone with a little hacking ambition to assault. Moreover, it requires you to trust your critical business data to a third-party service provider.

 These security concerns are real and justified, and Microsoft has taken steps to address thrm and offer working solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Among the security measures Microsoft employs are:

 ● SSL for secure web application communication - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a method of encrypting data sent over various protocols, including the web (via HTTPS). This ensures that people will malignant intentions cannot intercept intelligible data.

 ● Security roles for user access and tasks - Not every user needs full access to every aspect of your robust CRM system, but there are also plenty of users who need more than the most basic access. With Dynamics CRM, you can assign custom security roles that fit specific jobs.

 ● Field Level Security (FLS) - In some cases, users need specific permissions for a single field or a set of fields. Rather than having to assign blanket access (even temporarily) for that user, the administrator can give very narrow “update”, “create”, and/or “read” actions to users or teams.

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online utilizes many other security features such as full business data auditing and physical security at Microsoft datacenters. For a full look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online security, you can download a free white paper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Security Features from Microsoft’s download center.

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  1. Hi there - I work for a CRM supplier and consultancy here in Houston, Texas. Cloud computing is all the rage now among industry experts/enthusiasts but it can be an intimidating prospect for small businesses. For customers that are wary of the new technology, we always suggest MS Dynamics CRM. Its highly "customizable" and easy to use - and there are plenty of security measures like the ones you've mentioned. Its a great solution!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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