Hiding Ribbons in CRM 2011

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I was recently involved in implementing Microsoft CRM for a large organization, and one of their requirements was a simplified, stripped down UI. One of the ways that we accomplished this goal was by hiding ribbon buttons that were not used in their deployment.

First, I found a great tool that made it very easy to add or remove ribbon buttons. I would recommend giving this tool a try. It was created by Pragma and did a pretty good job; and, it can be found on CodePlex.

Here is an example screenshot of hiding buttons for the case entity.


However, when you are editing the ribbon, either by using a tool or editing an entity xml manually, you can make mistakes that cause problems with your customization.  In my case,  I accidentally created two "hide" entries for the same item in the xml. As a result of this, the solution could not be imported.

Here is sample XML associated with hiding a ribbon entry. I placed big **** next to my duplicate records. 


Once I deleted one of the duplicate rows from the xml file and reimported the solution, everything worked fine.

Lesson learned:  It is fine to use tools and utilities to help customize your environment, but it is important that you still understand what is being changed "under the hood," as you may need to edit the xml file in case something doesn't work right.


Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective 

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