Five Ways a Dynamics CRM Partner Will Help Your Business

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Signing up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a snap. It’ easy to get started with a free trial subscription and to transition to the affordable monthly subscription. The video tutorials and wizards help you get started importing data and using the system. As the dashboards start to populate with your current data, it’s gratifying to see the sales team using the system.

The possibilities unfold

As Dynamics CRM becomes part of your daily process, you’ll start to see more ways that your organization could share information across the organization to improve efficiency. Now is the time to consult with an expert – a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold partner.

Five ways partners will help you get more from CRM

  1. Business process best practices – Dynamics CRM implementation partners work with many companies and organizations, picking up great ideas along the way. Those great ideas could help you cut costs, one up your competitor or improve customer service.
  2. Industry knowledge and apps – As more and more companies adopt Dynamics CRM, industry specific applications can help you add new functionality at minimal cost. A Dynamics partner with expertise in your industry can recommend solutions without starting from scratch.
  3. Workflows – Using the power of workflows to automate manual processes is one of the most valuable aspects of Dynamics CRM. Your partner has the experience to help you adapt CRM workflows to your current processes or advise you on new workflows that can save time and money.
  4. XRM development – While CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, the term XRM has been coined for Dynamics CRM’s ability to manage any kind of relationship. Companies around the globe are adapting Dynamics CRM to manage everything from Association Members to Equipment to Schedules. With Dynamics CRM as a base, your Dynamics CRM partner can help you extend the Outlook-accessible application across the organization.
  5. Integration across the organization – You Dynamics CRM partner can help you connect the information in ERP and LOB applications to give your employees one view of the entire organization. Leverage the partner’s experience to get the work done quickly and cost-effectively.

Don’t lose your momentum with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Let a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold partner help you get more business value from CRM - call Sam at 1-87PLANET11 or send an email .

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by Planet Technologies, Maryland/DC Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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