Easily Compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Oracle and Salesforce.com Using these Tools

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Does your organization currently use Salesforce.com or Oracle CRM? Are you considering making the move to a new CRM system? Because that decision is one that should not be taken lightly and can quickly become overwhelming, I thought I’d dedicate one of this month’s blog posts to letting our readers know about a couple of helpful tools Microsoft has developed to help Salesforce.com and Oracle customers compare their current systems to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  1. CRM feature comparison chart—A great high level overview of the differences between CRM offerings, this webpage gives an easy to read, head to head comparison of which key features are included in Oracle, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  2. CRM price calculator—Fill out this simple form to find out how much your company could save by switching to Dynamics CRM Online from Oracle or Salesforce.com. The results may leave you wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner.


Note: Both the tools are hosted on the same page within the Microsoft site and the system defaults to taking users to the price calculator. To see the feature comparison chart, click the link above and look for a yellow button near the top of the page labeled, “See Feature Comparison.”

Need even more incentive to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? Did you know that right now new Dynamics CRM Online customers can get $150 cash back from Microsoft for every seat that they buy? Better yet, there are no restrictions on how you use the money, the choice is yours! Learn more about this amazing offer in last month’s blog post, “Think You Can’t Afford a Great CRM system? You Can With Microsoft’s Cloud CRM for Less offer!”

After looking over all of the evidence presented here, I’m confident that many of you will agree the time is right to liberate your business from your legacy CRM system and move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a cost effective and user friendly choice.

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by Intelligent Technologies, Inc. North Carolina Microsoft CRM Partner


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