CRM 2011 and Restoring the SSRS server

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While working thru issues related to a previous posting on creating a highly secure CRM deployment with MS support, we needed to rebuild the SSRS reporting server from scratch. Based on what posting on the internet you read you are led to believe that the SSRS connector for CRM installs the reports on the reporting server. We do not have formal confirmation from MS, but we believe that this is not the case. We believe that the SSRS reports are copied to the server during the first installation of CRM 2011. You are prompted during the install of CRM for the URL, and as a result of that, it puts all the reports on the SSRS server during the installation process.

Here is how we came to this conclusion and how you can put all the “standard” reports back on the CRM server.

  • After we rebuilt the SSRS server, we ran the SSRS connector install on the SSRS server and no reports.
  • Since this was a development environment, we uninstalled CRM (since our deployment was all on one box except for SSRS) and reinstalled it to the exiting configuration and org databases and still no reports. Our theory is that there must be a flag in the DB that tells the install not to republish reports because of it being an “existing” installation. You would not want to overwrite any customizations that you might have made to an existing MS report.
  • The publishreports.exe is on the “CRM” server and not the SSRS server.

Because of those results and conclusions, we went looking for the publishreports.exe and sure enough it still exists and it is on the CRM server. We than ran the old command below, and all of the reports magically appeared.

In case you forgot here’s how…

On the CRM server (not the SSRS server) change to the tools folder under CRM directory and run “PublishReports.exe “NameOfYourOrg


Hope it helps!

Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective

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