Changing the Activity / History Default View CRM 2011

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Recently we had a client who wanted to modify the default Activity and Activity History views on the Account form.  Rather than having the closed activities view default to "Related Regarding," they wanted the view to default to just the records associated with the selected record. We started with code from a blog by Adi Katz “Changing the Activity / History default view” that shows how this can be done in CRM 4.0. Adi does all the necessary checking to see if iframes have been loaded and sets the default values and refreshes the grid. Our client decided to upgrade to CRM 2011 and needed this same feature available. There were a few things that are different in CRM 2011 that need to be changed in the code for it to work.

Let’s view the code…


Notice where it sets the picklist = iframeDoc.all.actualend[0]. Here it is setting the picklist value to the first index (or dropdown value). For our upgrade, we removed the index reference. Also the id for the dropdowns changed in 2011 from actualend and actual scheduledend. It is now crmGrid_Account_ActivityPointers_scheduledend. So to make this compatable with CRM 2011 just change the picklist to picklist = iframeDoc.all.crmGrid_Account_ActivityPointers_scheduledend;



Post by: Jeff Macfie, Customer Effective

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  1. Hi,

    I want to change the default View “Open Activity associated View” to “Open Activity”.
    Any Help please.

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