Cases and Resolution Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Many CRM users use the Case entity in CRM 2011 to track issues. These issue range from customer complaints to tracking actual software development bugs.  The Case entity does a good job of allowing users to track a wide variety of issues and work on them  through resolution. What seems odd though is that when a user closes a case he/she cannot see those “resolution” activities anywhere.

The funny part of this problem is that a “resolution” is nothing more than another type of activity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just filtering out these activities from the activities views (see example 1) by setting the “Is Regular Activity” to “Yes.”


Example 1

You can probably see where we are going with this, but one of the easiest ways that we have found to show these on cases is to create a new view called “Resolution Activities” (See examples 2) and set the type of activity to resolution.


Example 2

As a result of those changes (Example 3), it is then very easy, especially under CRM 2011, to show the new view in a sub-grid on the case form.  Users can now view a closed case and see the resolution.


Example 3


Post by: Sean Shilling, Customer Effective 

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  1. Hi,

    How do i create a case dahsboard/chart within a dashboard to show cases 'created and completed' on the same day, in a view of today, yesterday, last 7 days and 7-14 days.


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