Who’s Your Best Customer? Enhance Prospecting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION

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We value our clients here at The TM Group and especially appreciate the value they bring their customers. One client in particular makes the lives of those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease a little easier. They sell location devices for people at home with the disease, so they don’t wander off. It’s a great device that puts minds at ease. Users can program how far the person can go from their house as well as specific places they go often. If the person does wander off, the primary caregiver with be notified immediately.

 Currently, our client mostly sells direct, but they are a startup company and looking to sell more through distributors. In this prospecting phase, they need to track the marketing and sales component of their business closely. They need to identify who is a quality prospect as well as who isn’t so they can focus their time and resources on what will help them grow, helping more people along the way.

 To build up their prospect database, they started using an outside telemarketing firm. Since they’re working with a third party on this initiative, the notes from the callers need to be detailed as well as easy to track. So, they started working with a partner to help them manage their client and prospect databases. Their partner also set them up with an email marketing service. Our client quickly became frustrated with the email solution because it couldn’t provide the metrics they needed. For example, they needed to see if someone watches a video on their website, but their email solution wasn’t able to provide that level of insight. They quickly became frustrated with their partner as well because they didn’t receive the proper training. This resulted in miscommunications for tracking important phone calls, unclear reporting, as well as navigation frustration within their software. For example, their telemarketing firm had to navigate through the system, making 5 to 10 clicks to simply enter their notes for a particular contact.

 As a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner with dual Gold competencies in ERP and CRM based out of Michigan, the TM Group created a custom piece to their Microsoft Dynamics® CRM solution so they could add phone calls on the first screen they saw. A seamless workflow would be created right when their telemarketing firm made a call. Within the contact screen, they can see contact info as well as enter in a phone call record. Their telemarketing firm can type in their notes, click ‘save’, and a record is automatically created in CRM. There’s also a frame that shows all the phone calls in the contact form instead of clicking somewhere else and navigating far from it.

 The TM Group also replaced their email marketing solution that couldn’t produce the metrics they needed. They helped them implement SalesFUSION, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When they enter a contact in CRM, that contact automatically goes to SalesFUSION so their contact database is always up to date. With SalesFUSION in place, they could see who watched a video on their website. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a button on every contact where you can click SalesFUSION and it will bring up their information, such as activity on their website, how many emails were sent to them, what they’ve downloaded,  as well as what type of telemarketing activity correlates with their record. This deep insight has already allowed our client to optimize their marketing and find their ideal clients.

 They are actually so happy with the customized functionality, that we’re now working on setting up service cases in CRM so they can attend to their existing client needs quickly and effectively. Right now, they don’t have insight, resources, or tracking capabilities for when customers call in with questions about their devices. By adding service cases in CRM, they will be able to track cases through to resolution, follow up accordingly, and check past scenarios to help answer current issues.

 There are so many ways we can help you make Microsoft Dynamics CRM work for your organization. Whether it is finding the best customers or keeping your current customers satisfied, we’ll find a way. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ll be spotlighting some key add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM at our upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Conference called Vision 2011.  Vision 2011 takes place on October 11, 2011 at the Michigan State University (MSU) Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan.  It is open to organizations using Microsoft Dynamics or those considering new CRM or ERP solutions and provides an excellent in-depth view of Microsoft Dynamics.  No cost to attend, but reservations are required. For more information, call Jennifer Swiderski 888.482.2864 or email jennifers@tmgroupinc.com.

 By The TM Group, Michigan  Dual Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint


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