What Happens if You Want to Switch Cloud Providers?

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You made the transition to the cloud and everything is going great. But what if your service provider unexpectedly goes out of business or is not as trustworthy as you once thought?  How can you move your cloud to another provider?

First things first. You need to get your data from your current provider. Sometimes your new provider will be able to seamlessly transfer your data from your old provider, or you may need to get it back yourself. Most providers are good about making this as easy as possible, but it’s not a bad idea to ask your potential provider what the process is in case you need to move your data. It’s always good to have a backup plan, especially in the cloud. More and more providers are offering a migration path for your data, but just make sure of it at the beginning of your relationship so it’s not a huge hassle later on.

As with most technologies, cloud computing operates under a number of regulations to ensure that your privacy and rights stay intact. Cloud providers should follow a set of protocols and processes during migration of your data. Make sure these guidelines meet your requirements before the migration begins and you should be set.

Whatever your reason for switching cloud providers, just make sure you have the process laid out so you know what to expect. One of the perks of the cloud is its scalability and flexibility so migration really shouldn’t be a harrowing task. We here at Rimrock Corporation are a Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Partner and specialize in cloud implementations. Contact us for more information about our cloud optionsn

 By Jonathan Taub of Rimrock Corporation, Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

 The 20 years of experience that we here at Rimrock Corporation can provide ensures that your implementation will be a success.
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