Top Three Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Better than the Rest

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Even though Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is relatively young, it has been established as a robust player in the CRM market. Companies are drawn to it by the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office and Home Windows XP. It’s easy to train employees in and ensure that everyone’s up to speed on how to use it. After all, a customer relationship management solution can only be effective if everyone in your company is ramped up. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely easy to use…and here are three reasons why:

  1. First of all, its integration with Microsoft Outlook streamlines daily tasks immensely. Most sales personnel are in their Outlook all day, answering emails or following up with prospective clients. Having CRM seamlessly integrate with this email functionality makes it possible to track important communications as well as proactively reach out to close more deals.
  2. Secondly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards help those “visual” workers stay on task to meet long-term revenue goals. Easy to read bar graphs or charts help employees see exactly where they are in their quota and where they need to be. When sales employees get bogged down with tedious follow up, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s dashboards make sure this doesn’t happen.
  3. Thirdly, dispersing of leads among your sales team can easily cause confusion and ultimately run the risk of losing important information. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can automate scoring and distribution of leads to avoid this communication gap.


If you’re still unclear as to why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is better than the rest, then please contact us at Cargas Systems. We would be happy to show you around the tool so you can get a better grasp of just how easy it is to use for your sometimes complicated business operations.


By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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