Three User-Driven Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics 2011

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With each version release of software, whether CRM, ERP or anything else, the benefits of the upgrade need to justify the time and expense involved. Since CRM is notoriously the hardest application to get everyone (even independent-minded sales people) to use consistently, features that promote user adoption deliver high returns. Three improved features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 may get even those pesky sales people on board.

Dashboards and Visualizations

The easiest way to win over managers to support the upgrade is to show them the new dashboard functionality in Dynamics CRM 2011. Easy to customize to show the exact data that you want to track, the variety of charts and displays is impressive. It’s easy to drill into graphs and charts to see the data details behind the numbers.

Improved Security and Performance

While you could argue that users don’t give a fig about security, new Field-Level Security will allow them to view data that may have been hidden from them previously. This great flexibility in security allows administrators to give individual and role-defined users access to some data while protecting sensitive data within a record.

Application performance is always at the top of the list with users. Lag time kills productivity and frustrates even the most ardent user. With Dynamics CRM 2011, users will need to tune up their typing speeds to keep up.

Superior Outlook 2010 Integration

It’s tough for users to switch between applications with different ribbons and functions. The Dynamics CRM 2011 integration with Outlook has gotten even better than it was in 4.0. Email and contact tracking is a snap and users can work exclusively through Outlook to accomplish all their CRM tasks. With ribbons just like Outlook and Office, no switching gears required to keep top-notch productivity going through the day.

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by Planed Technologies, Maryland/DC Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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