New Microsoft Promotion Provides Organizations with Clarity in a Cloudy Environment

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Get $150 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User Subscription

Today’s organizations are under more pressure than ever to make informed decision regarding their IT investments.  With so many cloud computing products available on the market there is now an added layer of confusion involved with selecting the right solution for your company.   Many organizations have learned the hard way that not all clouds are created equal, instead many are filled with hot air and empty promises.  As a result, Microsoft would like to invite organizations to learn first-hand the value of their Cloud Offerings by taking advantage of their most recent promotion and making the switch to Dynamics CRM Online.

Now thru March 31,`2012, Microsoft will send qualified organizations USD $150 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Subscription license.  These funds can be applied to anything including accelerating your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, data migration, and even solution customizations. 

To view the complete promotion details visit the Microsoft website or contact FMT Consultants today and find out if you qualify!

FMT serves its clients nationwide with a regional focus on Southern California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties.

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