Microsoft's 'Cloud for Less' Gives Salesforce Users $150 Cash per License to Switch

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Microsoft believes that businesses do not need to pay a premium for a world-class business solution. This week they announced a great offer aimed at current SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce users in organizations between 50 and 500 users. The offer is available until March 2012 and you can read the press release here. The fine print reveals that the 'switch' does not have to be from a certain vendor, but available to anyone in the US or Canada who has between 50 and 500 users. The really fine print is here, and if you need help navigating your purchase or refund, do not hesitate to contact us here at Customer Effective.

Michael Park, Microsoft Corporate VP for Business Solutions, said in an interview that there are some hard costs associated with moving vendors. "As customers are evaluating their options, we want to make it easier for them to make a move should they choose to do so. So we are offering Oracle, or SAP customers $150 per user." Microsoft also announced that Microsoft CRM was going to be part of the Office 365 bundle in future releases.

The move was made (not coincidentaly) on the eve of the Saleforce Dreamforce conference and the VMWare VMWorld conference. That timing was also a good excuse to release the latest Microsoft spoof video. The first one follows Tad, Salesman, VMLimited with a commitment to outdated IT schemes. The second one is from last month and follows the GmailMan as he delivers mail to our good friends at Contoso (which makes sense, as Contoso apparently went to Gmail last April 1).

Click below to watch the videos:

Tad, VM Salesman

Gmailman visits Contoso

Post By: Brad Koontz, Customer Effective

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